Stop the drama

Please stop the drama! There is a power greater than us all, that manifests all things on this planet (people being just one of them). If you knew this, if you understood, you would know you are safe, loved, and free. Please stop fueling fear based negative energy. I believe in a power greater than humanity, and if you realized that power is in you, we could focus on the world we want instead of one we don’t, and it would change. You CHOOSE the energy you align with and resonate in. Be happy. It starts there.

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2016-10-17-13-46-32Imagine, each leaf on a tree is slightly different from every other, each season, each year, like snowflakes… and as the season changes to Fall, each leaf is also a slightly different color from every other. Imagine the infinite numbers of variations and possibilities nature produces… yet somehow it is easy to disregard and reject these beautiful variations in other people, and how some believe their variation is better… No one is better than you, but they are also not worse…
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God may have a different plan.

Sometimes, despite our greatest efforts and intention, things do not turn out as planned… We are forced with hard decisions. We are forced with letting go. We are forced with change. But, the most amazing thing is we do it, and survive. Stronger. Clearer. So even though you may be in a seemingly impossible situation, there is another side coming. This will pass. Everything happens for a reason, even if we never know all the reasons why. There is a complex interchange of energy and consciousness between all of us, constantly ebbing and flowing, shifting, and expanding… And If you can say you are genuinely doing the best you can, sometimes God just has a different plan. @


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“Settling” is your fault.

“Settling” is not about another person, it is a reflection of YOU. It isn’t because the other person is “not enough”, they will be and are enough for someone else (in the right energetic match). If you are with someone who you feel isn’t enough or at your level, it is your fault. YOU are not being at your level. Even if the person has some issue, is irresponsible, or immature, it doesn’t matter. You are not honoring your true self. You are not strong or confident enough to be where you want to be, you accept less… And the current person is simply a reflection of your inability to BE you, to honor what you really want and need, to be who you really are… I used to believe I was just with the wrong person, or I would never find the right person. It’s because I wasn’t being the right person. I was being what I thought I should, or conforming to what I believed a relationship should be. I denied my truth.  I denied what I loved, what truly made me happy. I did what the other person wanted and didn’t demand reciprocity, because I wanted to make my partner happy. I thought that was love. I sacrificed myself. The irony in all of this is we blame others for what we aren’t getting. However, if we honored ourselves and followed our inner truth, it would naturally come to us because we would be resonating in that place… And when we do, the right people are waiting because they are already there. @

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Without balance you can spiral…

I cannot believe how much tragedy I witness just on Facebook between friends and people I have never met. Real life tragedy; illness, car accidents, even murders. I only have about 4,000, and am sure I only see a percentage of their posts, imagine the reality of the world compounded by a billion… I personally choose to not watch the news, not because I live in denial about the truth of the world, but this constant energy bombarding you without balance can spiral you into negativity, sadness, or depression. Please make sure if you are constantly plugged into Facebook or other that you CREATE equally happy and positive messaging. We genuinely are what we surround ourselves with… #truth #balance #perspective
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Would you have this surgery?


Would you have this surgery? I’m not sure I would. Before you decide, let me give you the details. My father is being scheduled for open heart surgery next month. He has 3 major clogged arteries and 2 faulty valves. Today, this is a very common surgery with a high success rate. In theory it could extend his life by 10 or even 20 years (of course assuming he doesn’t get hit by a truck 3 months later). A few years ago he completely recovered from Stage 3 rectal cancer, among other non-major, various surgeries. He is 75. The conversation I had with him is, “Why? Do you really want to live another 20 years, to 95”? Before you judge me, I love my father. My children love him. I want 20 more Christmases and Thanksgivings with him… But the question I am asking is a moral one, not an emotional one, because there is a difference. Why do we try so hard to extend our lives? For what? To enjoy 10 more years of McDonald’s? Sunsets? Nights cuddling with our loved ones? Do we try because we really believe life is finite and death is the end? I personally don’t. I could give you reasons why I know it isn’t, but faith is an individual experience. At 75 if you have some great service you have yet to bring to the world, some great work of art, some math theory that could decrease pollution, then by all means, stay. But isn’t there some irresponsibility and selfishness in the higher order of things to do everything we can to stay alive, a little longer? Will 10 more years change or improve the life he lived? To stay, and deplete more resources from the planet? Spend the amount of money for this type of surgery that could be used to help dying children or poverty? At 43 I would absolutely do the surgery. I have 3 small children who depend on me. However, I give them everything I can every day. I know my voice is strong in their heads, of right and wrong, and good and bad. I know what I imbed in them will echo forever… I have no fear of dying, and can honestly say if it is my time I am ready, other than the fear of pain. I know life is precious and have done everything I want and continue to. Genuinely. I eat healthy. I give back. I don’t drink. I do everything I can to live the best life I can, consciously and on purpose. Aren’t we selfishly trying to defy evolution? Darwinism predicts the stronger gene or cell will survive. Dawkinism states the best suited to its environment at the time will survive… Aren’t we constantly interfering in evolution? Species become extinct every day and some evolve to survive. Maybe intervening in all these ailments and diseases, is temporary, and we are actually preventing our DNA from adapting and evolving. I asked my Dad the same question, what do you want 10 more years to do with? At least make them count. —If you like this please share, someone else may too 🙂 @


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Why do we doubt abilities?

It is amazing how our resistance and confidence can affect our lives so greatly… Why do we doubt our abilities, and automatically assume we can’t do something? Simple story. I hired an electrician because some of my recessed lights weren’t working. I have done some electrical work but “assumed” the entire thing would need to be changed and rewired (not something I felt comfortable doing)… The electrician came, charged over $200, and one still didn’t work… I had been aggravated for weeks, now 3 weren’t working. Last night from a leak (divine intervention?) I had to remove one, ironically, the one the electrician “couldn’t fix”. This light was missing the black housing part and I realized instead I could just screw in a regular lightbulb, so decided to research this. Come to find out I could replace just the cover and light for $14.97 each from Home Depot. It took me about 30 minutes to replace all 9. Voila! #ownyourpower #powerisinyou

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