People don’t change. It’s not personal. Move forward. #unconditionallove #letgo #soul #soulmate#truelove #true #truth #reality #selfcare #selflove#stop #find #lovequotes #loveyourself

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Do you know real love?

“Unconditional love is not neat or tidy, or simple or easy… but unconditional love is true love, the love every person deserves. It is a love, where someone does not place conditions or expectations on you, where someone loves you exactly as you are (even when you make no sense, do things no one understands, exist outside of the norm, challenge the other person, or even do things that might hurt them). Because true love supports you in your expansion as an individual, as a soul. True love enables you to do what is best for you, what you need to do to become the highest version of yourself… not the version someone thinks you should be… Conditional love never lasts because you are essentially being held back from being who you are… It is why most relationships fail or are unfulfilling… Unconditional love is the hardest love of all, but the most real…” 

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A Parent’s Guide to Screen Free Play

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