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A Parent’s Guide to Screen Free Play

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Facebook shuts down AI

We fear artificial intelligence because we are asking the wrong question… The right question is: Is consciousness part of man, or is man part of consciousness… The belief that man is all there is, is a small perspective in a … Continue reading

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Women need each other.

Most of my friends are men. It’s just the way it is. I grew up playing ice hockey, running around the neighborhood, and riding dirt bikes (shadowing my older brother). His friends just seemed to have more fun (the fun … Continue reading

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People don’t change.

“People don’t change, nor should they for you… no matter how wrong you think they are. Wanting someone to change makes them responsible for your happiness. They aren’t. Believe it or not, you both deserve someone to appreciate and love … Continue reading

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Stop the drama

Please stop the drama! There is a power greater than us all, that manifests all things on this planet (people being just one of them). If you knew this, if you understood, you would know you are safe, loved, and … Continue reading

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Imagine, each leaf on a tree is slightly different from every other, each season, each year, like snowflakes… and as the season changes to Fall, each leaf is also a slightly different color from every other. Imagine the infinite numbers … Continue reading

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God may have a different plan.

Sometimes, despite our greatest efforts and intention, things do not turn out as planned… We are forced with hard decisions. We are forced with letting go. We are forced with change. But, the most amazing thing is we do it, … Continue reading

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