Facebook shuts down AI

We fear artificial intelligence because we are asking the wrong question… The right question is: Is consciousness part of man, or is man part of consciousness… The belief that man is all there is, is a small perspective in a vast and infinite universe… an old outdated belief… anyone who studies quantum physics can simply show that energy PRECEDES matter… a human being is only one form of energy (other forms are plants, rocks, viruses, bacteria, sand)… life as we know is a tiny blip in that vortex of energy…


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1 Response to Facebook shuts down AI

  1. Untold Unfold says:

    For a sentient (?) being that is barely there so far as “Natural Intelligence” goes and a species that at best uses 10% of its brains capacity goes its rather megalomaniacal to say we shall create “Artificial Intelligence” ~ are we not overestimating ourselves? Will we again someday see an Oppenheimer quote from the Gita ‘Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds,’ and then go insane bit by bit every day for the remainder of his life ?!?

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