People spend hours in the gym to build the muscles I used to hate…

2015-09-10 09.22.53

I hated my body when I was younger, and not because I was overweight. Muscles and abs were not sexy back then… or at least that’s what I believed. But, thankfully I cared more about playing sports than how I looked. Sports gave me a challenge, purpose. I didn’t want to be the prom queen or play in the band or drink. I wanted to run. I feel the most alive when I push my body to its limits, exhaust myself; hike a mountain, run in the woods, ride my dirt bike. Now I love my body, and not because of how I look. I am strong, capable. I always have been but used to believe this made me masculine. And so what if it did. We can’t change our body type, why do we try? I’m 5’4 and muscular. Body image is relative. People spend hours in the gym to build the muscles I used to hate. I still look in the mirror and criticize, judge, wish I could change parts, but then I remind myself we all feel the same way and no one is perfect, no one. At some point you have to love and appreciate exactly who you are… because there is always someone smarter, faster, thinner… and there always will be. Acceptance. Isn’t it funny how perspective changes everything… @jodihealy #loveyourself #loveyourbody #musclesaresexy (Sign up to receive my weekly blog posts xo)

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