Anyone can have sex… but few have GREAT sex

Anyone can have sex. Most people can have good sex. But few people ever had or will have GREAT sex. Few ever experience mind blowing, paralyzing sex… activating the entire body, at the highest vibration, where two energetically merge and become one. Most are not open to experience and finding pleasure in another’s pleasure, let alone themselves. They are not connected to their partner, what they feel. “Sex” has too much power, too many conditions, too many expectations, boundaries, and limitations that cloud our experience. If all the constructs disappeared and we learned to enjoy each other as we do all the other pleasures in life (slowly, savoring every moment, conscious, present) in a committed relationship or not, our experience of sex would dramatically change. Sex would no longer be an objective, but an experience of another’s essence expressed through a physical merger… Every tiny spot on our body has sensors and carries messages to the brain (can increase serotonin, dopamine, and more). Try merging with your partner instead of an outcome; intimate touching, kissing, breathing eachothers’ essence. Leave the other parts for the end, you will thank me. ‪#‎greatsex‬ ‪#‎sex‬ ‪#‎tantric‬ (if you like share and sign up to follow my blog @

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