If you believe it is not possible, it isn’t.

There is no secret. If you believe it is not possible, it isn’t.  The key to having and experiencing everything you desire is in what you believe. What you believe you resonate and transmit as energy. And energy in motion attracts what it needs to satisfy it. It’s that simple. The universe is not tied to outcome. If you want something different you have to feel what it feels like to have it, not think it. You have to resonate as if it is already here. But, this does not mean you deny the truth, mask your beliefs, or suppress them… how you feel about love, money, health, weight, other. If you believe you can’t lose weight, you won’t. If you believe making money is hard work, it will be. If you believe love hurts, it will. However, if you can unravel your beliefs and “heal” where you are broken you can change your frequency (that you don’t believe you deserve it, all you desire, or that you can’t be what you desire). Challenge yourself, stop blaming things outside of you for the way your life is. Turn inward and explore. The power is within you. #powerisinyou #jodihealy #findinghappiness – This is what my book will teach. If you like please share, someone else may too xo @ jodihealy.com

About Jodi Dee

Mother, Author, World Traveler Philanthropist, and Blogger in the Quest for Truth, Happiness, & Enlightenment... jodidee.com
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1 Response to If you believe it is not possible, it isn’t.

  1. multiversebryan says:

    So much truth in this article!! You and I definitely see things the same! This was awesome keep it up!

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