Illness begins from the inside out…

Illness begins from the inside out… as well as wellness. What you put in your body matters. It is science. Do you want to manifest from chemicals? Artificial ingredients? Processed foods? We do not get sick from things outside of us, we get sick from what is inside us. Drugs do not fix the core issue, it only treats the symptoms. We are not fueling our bodies with the things that generate optimal cells and this leads to disease, nor are we in optimal health to defeat the things that can hurt us. There is a reason premium gas is used in luxury cars. Every day we generate new cells, and every 7 months you have a whole new body (almost literally). We are naturally perfect and strong, if we fuel our bodies with proper nutrition from live foods (vegetables, fruits, whole grains, etc.). Our bodies have a natural and perfect way to generate cells but also destroy and detox things that hurt us. Our skin, kidneys, intestines, etc. all naturally detox. But, people start getting sick in their 40’s because their bodies are overloaded and can no longer process all the toxic things we put in our bodies or are exposed to, we actually accumulate them. They get stored in our tissues and saturates them. Do a heavy metal hair test, these things don’t belong in our bodies. It makes sense. Overtime our bodies, like a sponge can no longer absorb any more, and our systems becomes less efficient, and often starts to break down (indigestion, chronic inflammation and pain, etc.). Any anyone can reverse this. Anyone can change their lifestyle today, one day at a time; drinking the right amounts of water, exercise (even walking 1 mile activates your sweat glands (sweating is a perfect detox), increases serotonin in your brain (improves state of mind and more), and improves the efficiency of your entire system). Juicing and probiotics are ways to improve health, simply and easily. Bentonite clays and Epsom baths are natural ways to detox. There are many people in the field who can support you on this journey. Do not wait for your body to set off the alarm or break down… Your wake-up call is now. © –if you like, share someone else may too 🙂

About Jodi Dee

Mother, Author, World Traveler Philanthropist, and Blogger in the Quest for Truth, Happiness, & Enlightenment...
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