If you don’t enjoy someone, its probably the wrong one…

Someone asked me what I wanted… I think we can all quickly answer with standard responses. But, I don’t want anything… meaning I no longer look for someone to do or give me something. Instead, I want what someone has and “wants” to share. And I want someone to want what I have to share. No one can ever live up to the fantasies in our minds because they exist in our imaginations. Expectations and demands are conditional love, which is human and fallible. People are flawed, imperfect, self-serving. It is our nature. And most relationships fail because people are not being who they really are, authentic. They play roles (even if unconsciously), in a predetermined set of rules of engagement. Most are afraid to do what they really want and be who they are out of fear of abandonment. And this is justified because most people only understand and have experienced conditional love. When you can love someone for ALL they are, you will find the highest vibration and merging of essence. The best relationships are the ones where you enjoy each other, share you, as true friends, and bond in truth. However, unconditional love doesn’t mean you sacrifice yourself to be with someone you don’t like. If you don’t enjoy someone, its probably the wrong one… © jodihealy.com – if you like, share :), someone else may too… xo

About Jodi Dee

Mother, Author, World Traveler Philanthropist, and Blogger in the Quest for Truth, Happiness, & Enlightenment... jodidee.com
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