We MUST become advocates of our own health and take responsibility for it…

I don’t often talk about personal things that happen, because I feel they are part of life and I don’t give them much power. However, last July I had a serious accident, fell, and hit my head. One fall turned into multiple as my children were too young to call for help, and I kept losing consciousness. Since, I have been told I am experiencing Post Concussive Syndrome which I would not wish on anyone. However, this is not the point of my story… The first Neurologist I saw basically told me I would simply have to live with this and “hopefully” my brain would find a new pathway around the damage. But more than a year later, I decided I could not live this way anymore. I am not getting better. As a single mother of three small children you can understand how this would have a serious impact in the quality of your life (without getting into the details). I saw a different Neurologist this week at another top hospital in Boston. After about 25 minutes he proceeded to tell me my symptoms were similar to migraines (which I don’t have), but that he can prescribe a drug to help (by the way PCD symptoms are similar to about a thousand other disorders also). He said the drug was originally developed in 1920 for depression but has been “found to help” with other disorders. I basically told him NO WAY, I would NOT take ANY type of drug that chemically altered my brain. No thanks. I would find alternatives. He giggled a little (yes giggled), and said there were three other options we could try. First, Magnesium. Your brain may actually be deficient but not your body. It is a mineral in most daily vitamins, but has to be in a specific form to break the brain blood barrier; Magnesium Oxide. After being pregnant four years in a row and nursing three children I am not surprised my body could be depleted of anything, it takes a toll on your body creating and sustaining another life. I had deathly low levels of Vitamin D after my last child which caused significant fatigue. The Neurologist told me Magnesium Oxide worked in 70% of patients (yes 70%) who find relief to PCD and migraines. The two other things were Riboflavin and Vitamin B2 if Magnesium did not work. All natural. Praise to this Doctor for not pushing the drugs and offering natural alternatives to try. I am not sure this will resolve my issue but I became my own advocate and will not settle. To top this off my insurance would not cover the $7.50 a month for a naturally occurring mineral but without question would cover the hundreds a month for the drug. We each MUST become our own advocates of our health and take responsibility for it. It should be a collaboration with our Doctors who first recommend natural cures… Please research and own your power! Much love. © jodihealy.com – if you like this please share, someone else may too 🙂

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2 Responses to We MUST become advocates of our own health and take responsibility for it…

  1. Jessica Oliver says:

    Magnesium and Vitamin D have CHANGED my life!!! I am a mother of three VERY active children ages 7,5, and 2. I teach the special education program K-12 in a rural community (yes where everybody knows your name). In September of 2013 my grandfather passed. In October I received news that one of my students committed an unspeakable crime. In December I was in a car accident and rolled my pick-up twice, breaking the back axle off the pick-up. In February of 2014 I learned what that unspeakable crime was. In March my case load at my school increased my 15 students in 1 week, including 2 bipolar children, 1 schizophrenic child, 2 autistic children and a registered sex offender!!!!!!

    I was Pissed. I was stressed. I was sad. I was NEVER happy.

    At this point I called my gynecologist. She told me birth control could help level out my hormones. This was out of the question, I have a clotting disorder. She then disused an antidepressant with me. I told her I was not going to take a prescription that I could become dependent on. She got creative. She recommended Magnesium and Vitamin D. Within 2 days of taking the added supplements, I felt relaxed. Within 2 weeks I joked with my children again. Within 2 months, my menstruation cycle was dramatically lighter, cramps were non existent. Within 4 months my husband and I quit bickering constantly.

    Today i am more organized. I forget fewer things. I have patience while at work and at home. I find myself being myself again. I have recommended this “treatment” if you will, to friends and family.

    • Jodi Healy says:

      Thanks for sharing Jessica! I had the exact same experience with Vitamin D after nursing my third child (three pregnancies to nursing in a row). Women need to be taught how much a pregnancy depletes your body even if you do everything right (I took vitamins everyday and at the best I could and was still deficient). I think it would solve a lot of post partum issues, depression, fatigue by simply learning to replenish our bodies! So great to connect and thanks for reading my blog. xo

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