Have you ever asked yourself why you avoid feeling “bad”?

Have you ever asked yourself why you try so hard to avoid feeling “bad”? Why do we deny this part of our humanity? Shit happens. It is what it is. We can’t control it or stop it. There is good and bad throughout life. It is the beauty of the totality as a human being to experience polarity; good things and bad things, good feelings and bad feelings. “Bad” provides us a frame of reference for good. And, otherwise life would be boring. Instead of just feeling bad, we run from it, suppress it, avoid it, as if it’s somehow wrong to feel bad… we have gotten so far away from this, through instant gratification and external satisfaction… Quantum physics is proving we are fluid fields of energy. Negative energy (bad feelings) remain unless it flows out of us, by feeling through it. Unexpressed negative energy suppresses our life force like gravity and physically manifests as disease, illness, depression, or simple unhappiness. Bad feelings exist but do not have to weigh heavy on us. Feel them, and let them go. © Jodi Healy

About Jodi Dee

Mother, Author, World Traveler Philanthropist, and Blogger in the Quest for Truth, Happiness, & Enlightenment... jodidee.com
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