Someone can only hurt your feelings, if you believe them…

My 7 year old (unlike her mother) is the type of gentle person who will not fight back… not that she doesn’t try to stand up for herself, but she doesn’t respond back with the same kind of energy. She got off the bus yesterday crying because two older boys were whispering “look at her hair”, being mean. She turned around and asked them to stop. Yes, sometimes boys tease when they really like a girl but her experience was just hurt. Clearly there is a lesson these children are here to teach us (my grandparents grew up with slavery, communism, and Hitler and learned protect and defend). However, where do you find the balance between “defending yourself” and “ignoring” negative energy directed towards you? Because let’s face it, whoever feels the need to talk about someone else or blatantly hurt another is doing it to make themselves feel better or get some type of sick satisfaction, and ultimately is the one who has something wrong with them. They only do it out of jealousy, insecurity, because someone is hurting them, or other. My response to her was simple, “Someone can only hurt your feelings, if you believe them”. © Jodi Healy

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