Sometimes you are just with the wrong person

Sometimes you are just with the wrong person. It’s that simple. You just want or need more. It’s not always that something needs to be fixed, changed or is “wrong”. People just don’t always grow together, evolve at the same pace, desire the same things, have the same goals, vision, carry the same beliefs, want the same things.. You can still love someone but not be “in love” or have to stay with that person, just because you are suppose to or someone else believes you should. The old modality of guilt, shame, condemnation, and difficult or forced commitments are shifting. I personally would rather have 5 years of intense bliss and move on when its run its course than be held back, have to carry someone on my back, or waste my energy “making” a relationship work, or something it’s not, when I can be investing my energy in something else or loving myself. I am probably the anomaly but I don’t need to be with someone to feel love or be happy. If I am lucky and a connection lasts 50 years at the highest intensity then fabulous, but it’s not something I can create, make or force. If we flowed with relationships and gracefully let people go to follow their own course, and followed our own, naturally we will magentize our perfect match… © Jodi Healy

About Jodi Dee

Mother, Author, World Traveler Philanthropist, and Blogger in the Quest for Truth, Happiness, & Enlightenment...
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