To a soul mate…

Whether you choose to acknowledge it, accept it, or reject it
My soul knows yours… from before, some other place
We were drawn together, maybe just to know we were not alone
It is not something I can explain, nor others would understand…
Especially because of our significant life differences
And it doesn’t matter to me whether they do
I no longer need affirmation in my truth, even from you
I have come to believe in my divinity
and things greater than my humanity
Despite the brokenness we raised and reflected in each other
My love is beyond whatever happens in this life
It is unconditional, soul love
No matter what you do, where you go
I will always be here…
if, when, and however you need me
Know, if you or your soul ever calls I will be there…
with an open heart
And only time will prove that to you…

© Jodi Healy

About Jodi Dee

Mother, Author, World Traveler Philanthropist, and Blogger in the Quest for Truth, Happiness, & Enlightenment...
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