Our understanding of the law of attraction is flawed.

Our understanding of the law of attraction is flawed. We are missing the totality of the “law”, and the most important part. The law of attraction is constant, it is always happening, attracting “good” and what we perceive as “bad”. If our frequency is broken or transmitting a scattered message, we will resonate with those exact frequencies around us. This is what we bring into our lives. If you want to use the law of attraction to attract true abundance, love or all the things you desire your frequency must match those things, and be in alignment with your inner state. Life is truly a reflection of what our frequency is. The second part of the law is what we miss. The only way to change our frequency is to change our patterning (not through mental obsession, this will only bring temporary results). The law of attraction will only work the way we know in our soul by healing the brokenness of the world within us and releasing the dense negative energy we have absorbed, carry, and ultimately reflect (there isn’t enough, lack of, true love isn’t possible, on and on)… Until we purify ourselves to the place where we truly resonate the frequency of what we desire, it will simply continue to reflect where we are… © Jodi Healy

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3 Responses to Our understanding of the law of attraction is flawed.

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    • Jodi Healy says:

      This is a very good question… yes our “thoughts” become things (we have built skyscrapers and imagined we could fly and do). However, I believe this only happens if we believe in what we think, that our energy is on the same frequency, and our soul resonates with it… it also depends on the kind of thought. We cannot change or control others (other than maybe temporarily), we each have free will. This is where we get confused. We can think we want the most amazing love and “think” we know who it is, but we have to allow the universe to support us in that desire not “think” ourselves into a particular situation. This of course is futile but where most of us get it wrong… We want what we want and “think” we know the best option… If we let go, we will be guided through synchronicities and know what is right and true in support of our desire, but this is where ego confuses and SABOTAGES us… xo

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