So incredibly humbled! My new children’s book “The Dirt Girl” was named a finalist in the prestigious Next Generation Indie Book Awards; the largest international awards program for independent publishers. It was judged against and recognized among hundreds of thousands of titles! Thank you all so much for your support. When you create something you never know how it will be received. A project like this is truly done from the heart and the joy is in seeing it come to life. To have others appreciate and love it as much of you is beyond words. If you purchased a copy please PM me your address and I will mail you an award sticker for your copy! If you have not yet purchased a copy, please visi Amazon:

Amazon: … (and look for “The Hand-Me Down”, Christmas 2019)

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Follow! Jodi Dee ♡🙏 If you don’t love and honor yourself first, how can you ever be happy? You must be the most important person in your life. We are here to live our dreams, not anyone else’s… align with you… #love #loveyourself #selfcare #selflove #truelove #self ♡


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Everything is in your life right now, is what you manifested. Life is simply a reflection of you, what you think and believe… It cannot change unless you understand your power, the power of your thoughts and resonance, and how all of those are instructions to the universe. The universe, simply, will bring you what you believe you deserve (it is not tied to outcome)…
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If you are not a vibrational match to what you desire, it simply cannot show up #lawofattraction. You must expand and clear the thoughts and beliefs that are opposite. It’s that simple. “Change your thinking change your life”… #law #universe #love #attraction #power #is #in #you#abundance #millionairemindset #change57798804_2211087012340768_5105804649869344768_o (1)

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Living in the past or worrying about the future is a waste of energy. Now, is the only time you can control or effect. Write your story as you want it to be! #be #present #power #is #in #you #manifest


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Every choice we make, no matter how small, is a brush stroke our future; what we do with our free time, who we spend time with, what we eat, even the thoughts we think. It is a daily, conscious job. Own that power. #selflove #selfcare52350422_2121858297930307_7672935121271390208_o

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Love doesn’t always make sense. But does it have to? Follow your heart. True love is all that really matters… #love #lovequotes #truelove #soulmate#onceuponatime #twinsoul


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